HCG Levels: Post Miscarriage

miscarriage hcg levels

After my miscarriage I just wanted to know when my body would get back to normal. I really wanted to start trying again and you can’t do that until your hcg levels go back down to normal. I googled everything I could trying to figure out when on average that would happen. But since it is so different for everybody, there really wasn’t any information on it for me to read. I did however find it incredibly helpful, if not just reassuring, to hear other people’s personal experiences with their own hcg levels. So I am going to share with all of you how long it took mine to go down.

On January 31st, 4 days prior to any indication of my miscarriage, my HCG levels were 9982. At this point I was one day shy of 9 weeks pregnant.

The day I started spotting, February 4th, my levels had gone down to 7450.

One day after, on February 5th, my levels were down to 5115. I would have been 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant. This was the day of my complete miscarriage. I believe it’s important to note as well that I miscarried naturally on this date and everything had passed on its own.

My next blood draw would not be until February 28th, exactly 3 weeks and 2 days after my miscarriage. I went in on this day because I started spotting and was having signs of impending ovulation. On this date my HCG levels had gone all the way down to 5, so back to normal.

I do not know what my HCG levels were prior to January 31st, when they were 9982, as that was the first day I had blood drawn. I also do not know when my baby grew to. I hadn’t had any signs of miscarriage until the day before it happened, at 9 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. I hope this information is helpful to anybody else that is wondering about HCG levels after miscarriage and if you have any questions at all I’d be happy to answer them.

HCG levels miscarriage

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